Restaurant Reviews

Transport to the Turkish by-lanes and amidst the clouds in Cappadocia, very much in our own Mumbai – Hurrems

I visited Hurrems recently and it’s the first of its kind to introduce this fancy yet traditional dessert made at its authentic best from turkey In India offering its patrons a culinary ride with varieties to choose from. More than a cafe or restaurant it believes in giving a sensory experience with its different dates section, a premium dry fruit area, glass boxes full of decadent sweets, Turkish delights all encased in a chic contemporary decor with high rise ceilings, royal chairs and seating.


Restaurant Reviews

Yanna Rascala Mind It : Capturing Best of South at Dakshin Coastal, ITC MARATHA

So here’s a special blog for my special cuisine at the Restaurant which invited me on 4 different occasions for their food festivals where the cuisine of yore, the Southern Peninsula’s culture and rich tradition inspired ITC Maratha to create this novel eating experience only at Dakshin Coastal which has etched a mark of South Indian magic, ethos, authenticity in my mind which made me go out of words with flavors from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Chettinad well curated by brilliant chefs in a 5 star plush atmosphere making me feel no less than a queen.


Breathe Green See Green Only At Grape County

Something as unparalleled as a combination of luxury in biodiversity and a first class experience of nature all together was best represented at Grape County at Nashik which is situated amidst the Sahaydri hills. A drive of 4 hrs by car from the very concrete city-scape and there I was with my family to soak in the beauty of nature all excited to what this resort stay has to offer.